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Business Formations

We will work for you to create a plan of action to establish your business at the Federal level, state level, county level, city levels and assist you through the process of obtaining all the relevant permits needed to operate your business legally from entities such as health department, ABC and others. 

Relevant tasks to start your own business - We can help with:
  • Registrations with Secretary of State
  • Obtaining EIN Numbers
  • Performing registration with local county
  • Obtaining permits from health department, ABC and other stakeholder organizations
  • Assisting in opening business bank accounts
  • Outlining of Corporate bylaws
  • Outlining of operating agreements
  • Obtaining resellers license
  • Establishing accounts with Franchise Tax Board
  • Establishing a business strategic plan
  • Establishing a business accounting system

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We can help evaluate your business strategic plan and work with you to help you achieve your goals and objectives. 

Call us at 510-255-9194 to discuss your business project. 

Multi-services Consultants
Josephine Leiva
Multi-Service Specialist - Concord
Maria Flores
Multi-Service Specialist - San Pablo
Isaiah Leiva
Multi-Service Specialist
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I received personalized service. The expert took the time to understand the needs of my business and answered all my questions in detail.

Marcela Avina

Business Owner

We had not done taxes for four years. Stanza tax helped us get back on track with our taxes. When the IRS audited our taxes, Stanza tax was quick to help us iron out all the details and deliver them to the IRS to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Diana Garcia

Independent Contractor

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